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Building For The Future

Building For The Future

Client’s needs, and the technology used to meet those needs, are ever-evolving in the events industry. With that understanding, we are excited to announce the following soon-to-be-available resources at VCI Event Technology to serve our clients better.


Here are a few thoughts from our CEO, Kirk Rhinehart, on our new additions.

What led to the addition of these specific items to the VCI quiver?

With the recent purchase and build of our new Ross Ultrix Carbonite system, we felt this to be the natural next step in providing a forward-thinking solution for our clients.

How will Event Marketer and Event Producers benefit from these resources?

There are a few things on every event that no amount of money can buy; more time in a day for load-in, more space for the back of house, and the ability to quickly expand your systems capabilities due to new demands. We believe these items can address all these challenges.

One of our core values is to “think ahead, but always remain present.” We understand that not every event currently needs to be a 4K experience. However, the flexibility of these resources can allow you peace of mind that when your stakeholder has that last-minute “oh, can we….”, you more than likely will not need to scramble. Also, it’s a great way to avoid those “I wish we would have” moments for recording and archival purposes. Oh, and the imagery is going to look amazing.

How will Technical Directors benefit from these resources?

We all know that about the best-laid plans. That does not mean that changes and last-minute requests do not come up during rehearsals or from unexpected sources. When that happens, the last thing you want to hear from an EIC or video engineer is that the system is maxed out. The products we are identifying, researching, and investing in are intended to vastly expand the equipment’s capabilities being replaced, thus tremendously expanding the capabilities and resources available to technical staff on-site.


Covid-19 – June Information and Update

Covid-19 – June Information and Update

With a seemingly never-ending cycle of COVID-19 information on every media platform, have you ever wished that you had access to a family member who could confidently answer all of your questions? Look no further. With over 35 years of expertise in the field of infectious disease, our own Emily “Aunt Em” Rhinehart has taken the time to explain everything you need to know about COVID-19.
Start 0
Opening Remarks 0:10
Welcome Emily 1:25
Emily Starts 2:48
What is Coronavirus? 2:48
What is the illness COVID-19 6:39
How do we prevent Further Spread? 10:26
How will public health prevent outbreaks? 14:00
Testing Can be Confusing 17:12
How can we prevent COVID-19 Spread? 19:34
Vaccine Development 22:59
What to expect next 6-12 months 35:22
Q&A 1-5 37:56
Closing remarks 49:00

Reopening Safety Guidelines

Reopening Safety Guidelines

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family,

As the past several months have shown us, we are not always as in control of our world as we might think we are. In truth, every day of most peoples’ lives involves risk. Some risks are low and we knowingly accept them in exchange for a potential benefit. Some risks are high and we choose not to take them fearing the potential for an unacceptable outcome.

For instance, if I woke up and made coffee this morning and realized I was out of milk, I might walk across the street and buy a quart to enjoy milk in my coffee. The risk would be minimal. If I carefully looked both ways before I crossed the street, I would avoid the greatest risk which might be being hit by a car. If on the other hand, it was before dawn and many automobile drivers did so with no headlights, the risk calculation would be very different for doing the very same activity. The point is, without knowing the actual risk, it is not possible to make an informed decision about the value of the potential benefit. And, without knowing the actual risk, we cannot understand how to mitigate that risk to an acceptable level.

As our nation cautiously moves towards a return to regular commerce, different levels of risk are being calculated for different activities. Our industry, the Live Event Industry, faces unique challenges to returning to work. As we begin preparing work assignments for upcoming events, we find many people have more questions than answers. This is true for both clients and crew. Recognizing the stress this creates, we would like to share our plan, with the hope, it will help us all navigate this new landscape.

If you would like to take advantage of this information please reach out to us at [email protected] and one of our team members will follow up soon.

Be safe and healthy and love your neighbor,


Kirk Rhinehart | President/CEO


Elation Artiste Picasso Lighting Instruments

Elation Artiste Picasso Lighting Instruments

VCI Event Technology has added the Elation Artiste Picasso to our expanding inventory of lighting instruments. The Picasso is a full-featured innovative theatrical-grade luminaire featuring a new 620W 6,800K Cool White LED engine with advanced optics that deliver over 23,000 total lumen output!

The Elation Artiste Picasso Lighting Instruments will provide a flexible profile class fixture that will hold its own at corporate meetings, outdoor special events and concert touring. It does it all, powerful and with great flexibility without breaking the budget.

For more information, contact us to discuss how Artiste Picasso lighting fixtures and VCI Event Technology can enhance your next project.


Celebrating 25 Years of Success

Celebrating 25 Years of Success

In 2018, VCI Event Technology celebrates an important milestone in business. Founded in 1993, VCI Event Technology has established itself as a premier meetings and special events provider of audio, video, lighting, staging, LED and projection technology to event producers, agencies, motion picture studios, and major corporate clients alike.

“A 25-year anniversary is a very special time for any organization” said Evan Goldschlag, President and CEO “It’s something that everyone can appreciate and be very proud of. We have team members who have been here from the beginning and many new people that have joined the team. They have all done a remarkable job of building the foundation that will support VCI Event Technology and our customers for many years to come.”

Headquartered in Anaheim, California since its inception, VCI’s steady and remarkable growth from a regional audio visual supplier to a global multi-disciplined production partner has been an organic process. Evan further says that “our on-going success is based on our focus to a quality product, team culture and the simple premise of putting our customers’ needs at the center of everything we do.”


VCI Event Technology Expands Equipment Inventory for 2018

VCI Event Technology Expands Equipment Inventory for 2018

Having the best service offerings includes having the best in class tools. VCI enhanced its equipment offerings in 2018 to include a new inventory of Panasonic RQ32K 27,000 lumen projectors and Christie DHD850 7,000 lumen to expand their laser class projector options. Additional purchases for this season included GrandMA2 lighting desks, Yamaha CL5 and QL5 audio consoles. For graphics support, VCI has added Picturall Mark2 Quattro Media Servers to their inventory.

VCI is always listening to what components Producers and Technical Directors are requesting on their programs and that continues to influence VCI’s purchase decisions. Each year, VCI regularly hosts industry manufactures at its headquarters to conduct new equipment workshops which provides customers and staff with a hands-on demonstration of new and emerging technology.

It’s this collaboration between VCI’s customers and the manufactures that help determine what tools are proven to be the most innovative, reliable and consistently deliver the best event experience.

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New Website Refresh Kicks Off the New Year for Team VCI

New Website Refresh Kicks Off the New Year for Team VCI

“Our landing page has become a store front for many of our new customers wanting to learn more about VCI and our solutions” said Anthony Stevens, VP, Business Development. “In our business, it’s an important communication tool and another way for customers to preview our services and stay updated. We kept the site simple, clean and easy for customers to communicate with us.”


VCI Event Technology Expands Operational Leadership and Sales Support

VCI Event Technology expands Operational Leadership and Sales Support with the appointment of two key staff members. For over 25 years, VCI Event Technology has established itself as a premier nationwide leader and provider of audio, video, lighting, staging and LED projection technology to event producers, agencies, motion picture studios and major corporate clients alike.

Steve WarrenSteve Warren joins VCI as Director of Operations: As both a proven operational leader and high-level project manager, Steve’s combined skill set further enhances VCI’s national platform delivery, supply chain and logistics process. Steve will oversee VCI’s technical operations, inventory management and process development.

“Steve’s pedigree and industry reputation among agencies, producers and technical directors is unmatched,” said Evan Goldschlag, President and CEO of VCI Event Technology. “He is an excellent fit for our culture and growth model.”

Previously, Steve served several technical and operational roles for a combined 17 years at WorldStage, Inc. Over those years, Steve has learned what it takes to deliver throughout our customer delivery cycle. “There is a lot of opportunity to do great work and for me, VCI is one of those firms that has the foundation built for this.” said Steve. “Success and hard work doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality of life, this team understands that and their product is much better for it.”

Tony SerraoTony Serrao Joins VCI as Account Executive: “As customer demand for value added relationships grows, the appointment of Tony to the team is key for VCI,” said Anthony Stevens, VP Business Development. “He has built a strong personal brand based upon his reputation for excellent service and reliability. Customers just want him on their team and they depend on Tony to deliver great solutions for their events.”

Formally with Reaction AV, Tony brings over 15 years of technical staging and special event solution experience within the gaming, association and corporate sectors. “I could not be happier to be a part of the VCI Event Technology Team” said Tony. “VCI’s mission to provide exceptional event solutions through innovative technologies and trusted professionals goes hand in hand with who I am.”

About VCI Event Technology:

VCI Event Technology is a full-service audio, video, lighting, LED and technical solutions provider. VCI Event Technology is celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary as a trusted event technology resource to corporations, event producers and experiential agencies. Headquartered in Anaheim, CA. VCI Event Technology services customers both domestically and worldwide. VCI Event Technology is a founding partner of the Rental and Staging Network (RSN) and member of the AV Alliance. For more information, visit

[email protected]

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