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Our company is filled with the top experts in their respective disciplines.

We take pride in ensuring that your productions is everything you expected, and more. Get to know the experts on our team that you’ll be working with.

Kirk Rhinehart | VCI Events
Kirk Rhinehart

president & CEO

Since 1997

One of my favorite work memories was coming in one morning and heading for the Operations Office to say good morning to the crew. As I neared the door to the office, I heard one side of a telephone call from somewhere above me.

I stopped and looked up and saw that our Operations staff had moved the Director of Operations, Steve Warren’s, entire office, desk, printer, telephone, everything, to the top level of a 12-foot-high warehouse rack, completely functional and intact. It took half a day before he gave in.

Brian Bennett | VCI Events
Brian Bennett

senior project manager

Since 2021

Working with an elite team of professionals, I have many amazing memories.

One great memory was when we were tasked with doing all the Audio and Visual installation for the Marvel and Star Wars Experience in Shanghai, China for Disneyland’s new park.

From planning to execution, we were able to help create an amazing experience for guests using some of the newest technology and equipment.

John Bevan | VCI Events
John Bevan

project manager

Since 2022

My favorite memories have to be the countless evenings I have spent with my crews after finishing a challenging show.

The people I have met at VCI are what makes the experience the most rewarding.

Liz Chavez | VCI Events
Liz Chavez

Office manager

Since 2014

My favorite memories are of the whole team sitting down at one long table for a “family” meal of Cortina’s.

Even when we were busy, we made a point to take a break, try not to talk shop, and truly enjoy each other’s company. What a great team we have!

Dan Esparza | VCI Events
Dan Esparza

general manager

Since 2018

As an avid Star Wars fan, contributing to the opening of Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge became an unexpected feather in my cap. Collaborating closely with the Disney team in the lead-up to the park’s grand debut was an absolutely incredible experience.

Exploring every intricate detail of the land alongside my friends and co-workers, and witnessing their exceptional execution during the event, and even seeing a few of our FOH team getting to dress in some Star Wars outfits for show, will always be one of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on.

Christian Galindo | VCI Events
Christian Galindo

Operations technician – lead return

Since 2022

My favorite thing about VCI is I come in to work every single day and everyone is welcoming. I can truly say that VCI is a family.

From Kirk greeting everyone with a warming handshake to the shop saying good morning and helping each other throughout the day.

Becky Moore | VCI Events
Becky Moore

Project engineer

Since 2016

I always enjoy bonding over drinks with my fellow co-workers at the conclusion of a successful event!

Ben Smith | VCI Events
Ben Smith

labor coordinator

Since 2019

I would have to say my most fond memory was being at the Anaheim shop and showing up with a late pick up and Steve Warren, our Director of Operations, was there to help me off-load. It made me really feel like I was a part of a team that really cared.

Chris Stahrr | VCI Events
Chris Stahrr

Equipment resource coordinator

Since 2022

I find that every day I interact with this team is a favorite memory. I am blessed to be able to be surrounded by such an amazing team.

The spirit of collaboration and support here is amazing. I am able to learn as much as I am able to mentor others.

John Stuemke | Events
John Stuemke

operations technician

Since 2023

I’m enjoying getting to know the team and working alongside great people.

Tony Vasquez | VCI Events
Tony Vasquez

quality control manager

Since 2022

I felt so welcomed when I first started here. Everyone was so nice. It felt like coming home.

I saw a lot of familiar faces. I was greeted with a hug from the owner of this great company. That never happens.

Steve Warren | VCI Events
Steve Warren

director of operations

Since 2017

I most enjoy the global feeling of a job well done shared with my close friends and colleagues. When everyone is focused on the same goal, success is the only option. The feeling that I know I can count on any of my VCI family to come through when needed.

Jeff Webb | VCI Events
Jeff Webb

director of client services

Since 2018

It’s challenging to narrow it down to just one memory. However, if I have to do so, it would be at the close of 2022 at our all-hands meeting.

Seeing how the team pulled through one of the most challenging times our industry has ever seen.

Kimberlee Winkle | VCI Events
Kimberlee Winkle

Director of Finance & administration

Since 2015

My favorite memory is during my 5th job interview (yes, they called me back 5 times) at VCI way back when, I brought homemade cookies hoping it would seal the deal. It worked and it was the craziest and best decision ever.

Damian Zuliman | VCI Events
Damian Zuleiman

Senior video engineer

Since 2015

I always enjoy and will fondly remember every crew meal after a successful event.

Danny Acevedo | VCI Events
Danny Acevedo

Project manager

Since 2023

I’m enjoying getting to know the team and working alongside great people.

David Da Costa | VCI Events
David Da Costa

Director of Engineering

Since 2016
Todd Dale | VCI Events
Todd Dale

National Account Executive

Since 2016
Vanessa De La Sancha | VCI Events
Vanessa De La Sancha

operations technician – lead pull

Since 2021
Brett Drolet | VCI Events
Brett Drolet

Audio Department Manager

Since 2022
Rodrigo Miramontes | VCI Events
Rodrigo Miramontes

Sr. Operations technician

Since 1996
Ric Rhinehart | VCI Events
Ric Rhinehart


Since 2020
Jim Richardson - Business Development Specialist, VCI Events
Jim Richardson

Business development specialist

Since 2023