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Building For The Future

Client’s needs, and the technology used to meet those needs, are ever-evolving in the events industry. With that understanding, we are excited to announce the following soon-to-be-available resources at VCI Event Technology to serve our clients better.


Here are a few thoughts from our CEO, Kirk Rhinehart, on our new additions.

What led to the addition of these specific items to the VCI quiver?

With the recent purchase and build of our new Ross Ultrix Carbonite system, we felt this to be the natural next step in providing a forward-thinking solution for our clients.

How will Event Marketer and Event Producers benefit from these resources?

There are a few things on every event that no amount of money can buy; more time in a day for load-in, more space for the back of house, and the ability to quickly expand your systems capabilities due to new demands. We believe these items can address all these challenges.

One of our core values is to “think ahead, but always remain present.” We understand that not every event currently needs to be a 4K experience. However, the flexibility of these resources can allow you peace of mind that when your stakeholder has that last-minute “oh, can we….”, you more than likely will not need to scramble. Also, it’s a great way to avoid those “I wish we would have” moments for recording and archival purposes. Oh, and the imagery is going to look amazing.

How will Technical Directors benefit from these resources?

We all know that about the best-laid plans. That does not mean that changes and last-minute requests do not come up during rehearsals or from unexpected sources. When that happens, the last thing you want to hear from an EIC or video engineer is that the system is maxed out. The products we are identifying, researching, and investing in are intended to vastly expand the equipment’s capabilities being replaced, thus tremendously expanding the capabilities and resources available to technical staff on-site.