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Sometimes it takes a pandemic…

Too soon? Maybe. But it often does take a significant life event to cause us to slow down and re-evaluate our priorities.

Let’s first go back a bit further than March 2020. For those of you who were not aware, on 10/20/2019, we lost our CEO, Evan Goldschlag, to pancreatic cancer. This alone was a massive blow to the team. As the new year came and went, we optimistically looked ahead to new leadership and a busy year—enter Covid-19. FULL STOP.

Like countless others, painful decisions now had to be made, all while trying to gather our bearings and transition into “Survival Mode.” There were fears, uncertainties, and a mad scramble to dust off old skills and learn new ones in this new reality. However, if there was a single ray of light, it was that we now had no excuse not to have an honest self-evaluation. To verbalize who we were currently as a company and clearly define who we wanted to be as we emerged from this mayhem.

So here we are—two years to the day from that first punch to the gut. We have grown as a team, we have supported each other like family, we have embraced some new methods of operation, and we have reevaluated and improved others. Sometimes “starting with the basics” is the best place to begin. As a technology company, we returned to our core expertise, engineering. As a company owned and operated by human beings, we firmly decided we will lead with our values, always do what is right, and provide excellence at every stage.

Our new website is only the first of many exciting announcements on the horizon. Stay tuned.