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Now Hiring Labor Manager

Labor Manager Job Summary

The Labor Manager position at VCI Events assists Show Operations in contacting and recruiting labor and staffing events with qualified technicians and engineers while maintaining profitability.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Schedule and create labor-related purchase orders and crew rosters with 100% accuracy.
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws by communicating with Direct Supervisor or above in any and all situations that require review.
  • Become an active participant in Quote Review Bid Desk, a process in which work orders are reviewed to ensure all potential costs are captured before the quote is sent out.
  • Establish relationships with temporary employees, vendors, and independent contractors both locally and nationally, and as appropriate, enter them into Lasso, VCI’s current Labor Tracking software.
  • Enhance our Lasso rating system by transferring notes regarding labor from Show Reports into our labor tracking software.
  • Develop a national labor resource database.
  • Implement a labor performance rating system.
  • Expand VCI’s labor pool by vetting and hiring qualified labor with the help of Project Management, Engineering, Administration, and Direct Supervisor or above.
  • Ensure all contact information in the temporary labor database is up to date, with supporting notes on employees’ competencies and qualifications.

Job Duties

  • Track work order changes daily via status changes and notifications.
  • Schedule, confirm, document, and communicate all crew-related work order information to stakeholders.
  • Assist Direct Supervisor or above in scheduling, confirming, documenting, and communicating with all Project Managers, Project Engineers, and temporary personnel (scheduled for in-house operations or engineering activities.)
  • Manage, document, and ensure an accurate temporary labor database in Lasso.
  • Create and distribute crew rosters and corresponding POs with 100% accuracy, as work orders require.
  • Upon show confirmation, input labor shifts and positions from Lightning into Lasso and schedule with appropriate and qualified staff.
  • Maintain all show schedules and update crew as changes occur.
  • Identify, collect, document, and assist your Direct Supervisor or above in qualifying prospective new additions to the on-site personnel labor database.
  • Work with the Administration Department to on-board new Independent Contractors per SOP.
  • Collaborate with Direct Supervisor or above when negotiating rates related to work orders, to ensure the highest level of profitability.
  • Collaborate with necessary parties to ensure all work order-related positions are filled with qualified staffing. Maintain schedules and documentation to meet or exceed the client’s and the company’s expectations.
  • Confirm with the Project Manager that all invoices from Independent Contractors and Labor Brokers are accurate.
  • Assist in the timely completion of the invoicing process per SOP.
  • Review Show Reports for any information regarding labor and transfer notes into Lasso, to be referred to during future staffing.
  • Manage existing Temporary Employees, Independent Contractors, and Labor Broker relationships.
  • Maintain an ever-growing temporary labor staff and Independent Contractors list by continuously adding to notes within our labor tracking software for reference when staffing.
  • Regularly recommend improvement strategies, policies, and labor additions to the Direct Supervisor or above.

Labor Manager Qualifications and Requirements

  • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft programs, including Excel, Word, Office 365, and Outlook.
  • Exceptional organizational skills in digital filing systems and ongoing labor scheduling system input to track employees’ skill sets and progress.
  • Meticulous and exhaustive record keeping.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines under pressure.
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt to a fluid and fast-paced environment.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to articulate complex thoughts and ideas clearly in a busy and demanding work environment.
  • Flexibility to take calls and assist in emergency labor-related challenges outside of regular working hours and on weekends.
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure and take a logical and analytical approach to solving problems and resolving issues.
  • Excellent customer service skills for internal and external customers, to remain direct yet empathetic when addressing and resolving issues with personnel.
  • Five years in the Professional Live Event Industry (Preferably in Labor Allocation).
  • (Preferred) Working knowledge of Labor tracking software (Lasso).
  • (Preferred) Working knowledge of Rental Order tracking software (IntelliEvent Lightning).

To learn more and apply, visit the job posting on LinkedIn here.

For additional information regarding the labor manager position, please contact – Steve Warren, Director of Operations – at [email protected]