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Anime Expo 2017

Anime Expo

Anime Expo presented by SPJA is a yearly Convention of all things pertaining to Japanese Animation. It has grown into a vast multi-day Convention with over 100,000 attendees. Their general session is an exhibition hall to seat 3400 people. VCI supplied a 50′ wide LED screen flanked with two l2’x21′ projection screens, 6 LED columns, an HD switch package, three HD camera chains, HD remote cameras, HD records, Barco E2 switcher and concert audio system with a JBL VTX25 line array. The lighting plot included 60 conventional fixtures and 76 Movers. VCI designed and operated all technical aspects of this space. The variety of entertainment and constantly changing use of the stage, keeps this show interesting and challenging. Employing new and innovative technologies helps the show evolving from year to year.

The 20 breakouts for this convention vary from panels, screening rooms, press, dance, and Karaoke rooms ranging from small rooms for a hundred people to large rooms accommodating over a thousand. VCl’s extensive planning and project management help make Anime Expo the most popular Anime convention in North America.

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