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100's of Modular Sets - Fully Customizable


There are still a few people who don’t know this, but VCI Event Technology is the perfect choice when renting stage elements, sets and scenic.

Need to rent a set? VCI offers hundreds of set configurations using our modular systems. When you go to our exclusive stage solutions site (http://vci.stagesets.net/), you’ll see scores of turn-key sets and scenic, ready to rent with a single phone call.   View Demo

There’s even a cool Set Builder function that lets you pre-visualize what your event will look like before you commit. No matter what the production, staging it through VCI adds color, excitement and professionalism every time.


  • A myriad of creative choices for every budget and environment
  • Sets are fully installed by VCI and integrated with AV and lighting
  • Create a variety of unique looks with our dynamic lighting packages
  • Graphics and customized branding integration available
  • Configurations and choices to fit every size stage and venue, large or small
  • Totally modular – easy to ship, easy to install


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